Thursday, 1 October 2009

Rune Lindbaek

He might not be as widely-acclaimed as Prins Thomas, Hans-Peter Lindstrøm or Terje Olsen, but Oslo’s Rune Lindbaek has been every bit as influential on the Norwegian cosmic/dub disco scene. if not more so.

With a plethora of aliases, Rune has delivered releases on such influential labels as R&S, Paper (as Those Norwegians) and Telle while, more recently, released the amazing ‘Klubb Kebabb’ (named after his own basement party in Oslo) long-player on Noid which typifies his unique sound of obscure disco edits. Late 2008 saw him holed up in a basement in London with the Idjut Boys collaborating on another album for Noid which is apparently imminent.

This is his track "Dum Dum Delay" taken from the great "Klubb Kebabb" album. Genius. Enjoy the music. Click On Right Hand Arrow To Download...

Rune Lindbaek - Dum Dum Delay by Piece together blogspot

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  1. Hi, there. Dum Dum Delay is built on large samples from Jimmy Ross' "First True Love Affair"
    ( ).
    Great blog, thanks for your high quality music.