Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Prostitute Pink

At some point in the mid-nineties Steve Yanko began obsessively tinkering with two turntables and a keyboard sampler and hasn't stopped since, spawning a career in dance that continues to grow. Discovering disco early on, and the way it was being cut up into proto-house at the time set the style and sound for his lengthy career in music. Coming out of Toronto's famed millennium-era party boon, Yanko was the motivator for many early-morning noise complaints as the dj/promoter behind some of the city's best warehouse parties including the legendary Leisure loft parties. In 2004, Yanko was commissioned by Chicago's famed Trax Records to re-master many gems from their legendary catalogue as well as mix a compilation titled 'Twilight Trax' (2005). That same year saw Yanko launch his own Truffle Music imprint with a mission to expand on his own growing catalogue of releases and expose the world to the burgeoning new sound coming out of Toronto. Widely accepted by the house-not-house and disco loving community, Truffle staked it's claim in the world of forward-leaning dance music and continues to impress with it's unique roster and focus on quality music.

In addition, Yanko continues to release his own productions on such acclaimed labels as Permanent Vacation, Plant Music, HLM, Prize Records, PSR, and under the aliases The Voices and Strange Brew. He has worked with such industry heavyweights as Antena, Tomas Andersson, Munk, Stretch Armstrong, Jason Hodges, Dubious, Woolfy, and Dicky Trisco. Much more to come as the obsession continues...Enjoy.Click On Right Hand Arrow To Download...

Steve Yanko - Prostitute Pink by piecetogethermusic

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