Monday, 5 October 2009

Mark Seven

Mark Seven is no stranger to underground music, his involvement goes back to the early 80's his input has included organising and promoting parties like the all night 'Bizzare' one of the original Balearic/early house all nighters (when it was illegal !) as well as many others in the late 80's. A Shoom regular he began dj'ing and now also collects and sells records to those lucky enough to receive his lists. He now resides in Sweden home of all beautiful things including vinyl !

Mark is also co-promoting parties 'The Lodge' and NY Social Club and keeping relation to other parties in Europe, inviting great guests such as Prins Thomas (Feedelity) and Phil Mison (Reverso 68).

His mixes have gained notoriety on websites such as Dj History and San Diego DJ Hugh Herrera's for his eclectic leftfield selection of old and new music innovatively mixed. Mark is one of the few to really capture the understanding of Balearic style of music and how to play it. He's able to mix many genres with keeping respect to the music and the dancefloor in front of him,always making it exciting.

More recently Mark has returned to London to play at Lazermagnetic Bank Holiday parties and at Plastic People alongside Gerry Rooney (Black Cock),also travelling up to Glasgow to play the Melting Pot clubnight. He also has a new vinyl release named "Travelogue" on his greatly named new imprint "Twelve Inches Of Delight". This is the "A Slow Blow" mix. Enjoy the music .Click On Right Hand Arrow To Download...

Mark Seven - A Slow Blow Mix by piecetogethermusic

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