Monday, 30 November 2009

Spinning Star

New mix from Craig Moog (Electrofunkdiscotek/Solardisco). The "Spinning Star Mix" Covers some nice 21st Century deep cosmic disco,taking in tracks from Downtown Party Network,Reverso 68,Acos Coolkas,Michoacan,Space and lots more.

Craig plays Solardisco alongside Maelstrom (Eskimo Recordings/Mindless Boogie) and Kev Stevens on Saturday the 12th December at Basura Blanca (The Brunswick) Glasgow and also at Electrofunkdiscotek alongside Billy Woods Supermax discotheque on Saturday the 26th December for a boxing day cosmic disco special. Enjoy the music. Click On Right Hand Arrow To Download...

Spinning Star Mix - (Electrofunkdiscotek) by Moogroove

Thursday, 19 November 2009


Solardisco returns for an other installment at Basura Blanca,Brunswick Hotel Glasgow On Saturday 21st November for a residents special. Previous guests at Solardisco have included Pete Herbert (Reverso 68),Dicky Trisco (Disco Deviance),Rune Lindbaek (Noid/Paper),Richard Sen (Padded Cell) and The Revenge & Ali Herron (Ooft Music).

Residents Maelstrom (Eskimo Recordings/Mindless Boogie),Craig Moog (Electrofunkdiscotek) and Kev Stevens (Soba) shall be providing the soundtrack of cosmic electronic disco,future classics and some secret weapons. Pre club in the bar from 9pm. Get down early to ensure entry. Not to be missed....

Tuesday, 17 November 2009


After two years of intense Pizzico Records activity and after big remixes for James Curd (DFA), Billy Bogus (Bearfunk) and after being included on great compilations by Global Underground, Stomp, Om Recordings and Bearfunk itself, Pizzico Records homeboy Enzo Ponzio returns with a stunning new mix covering Italo and electric grooves between 80's funk and 90's sweet flavour, all built for the dance floor.

A big thanks to Pizzico Records who gave this mix to Piece Together. Pizzico Records have been behind some of the greatest artists and sounds of the last few years. From their need to go deep into the music underground, their artist roster and release catalouge speaks for itself. With great new releases such as "Vai Nonno Vai" by Erre and "Mnon Garr" the new track from the exciting new project by Loudtone featuring Dennis Young from legendary band Liquid Liquid, this is one label that has to be checked out. Enjoy the music. Click On Right Hand Arrow To Download..

Enzo Ponzio - Vertigo Mix by piecetogethermusic

Thick As Thieves

Noid recordings acquired the rights to the entire works of disco super-group, Emerson, Terraldi and Fuquido. And after lengthy discussions with the groups’ LA law firm, the original 8-track masters finally arrived in London.
Of course, this caused uproar amongst the Noid artist roster.
The chance to get their greasy paws on such classic hits as "The Freakout", "Lovely Day" and "Body Karate" was too much to take and it was "Larry Levan mixes at 20 paces" as the disco kids fought for the right to remix. Naturally being such a bunch of utter vinyl junkies, the only way to decide such a serious matter was a disco quiz (with Noid Directors Dan & Conrad Idjut playing the part of Bob Holness of course). Well suffice to say that it was a frightening ordeal for any non-disco-aficionado that turned up at the Funkstar & Firkin that cold September evening. The run-of-the-mill Tuesday pub quiz had been hi-jacked by the Idjuts and, unless you knew the average penis length of a Studio 54 doorman, you’re chances of winning were somewhere between none and fuck all. It was a close contest, but after a sudden death quick-fire round, the Deep Fuzz production team of San Francisco won through, their ability to name the type of soap used in the Paradise Garage toilets putting them head and shoulders above the rest. So the master tapes headed back stateside.

Deep Fuzz, headed by local waiter, dj and record dealer Ben Cooke, twisted the original disco grooves into a heady cocktail of nineties dancefloor madness. Look out for some more re-issues of classic Emerson, Teraldi and Fuquido kit as Noid continues to plunder the past for its daily dollars. Sincerely, Terry Fuckwitt & Hugh Janus Deep Fuzz are Ben Cook and Gavin Duffy who live in San Francisco. having previously recorded on the Idjuts Noid label they released their debut album "Body Karate", an album which compiled of a mix of their own music, disco cut-ups, alcohol and possibly some smoking. "Thick as Thieves" has them delivering more of the same. Enjoy the music. Click On Right Hand Arrow To Download..

Thick As Thieves - Purple Budd by piece together music

Monday, 16 November 2009

Music Is The Answer

Great new mix from Dj and good friend of mine Jamie Thomson. Blending a mixture of House, Techno, Disco, Italo, and Electrofunk, it's safe to say that Jamie covers all bases in his Dj sets. He's been at it long enough, with a couple of his own club nights under his belt "Basic Level" and "Nurture", he then moved on to join forces with Traxx in 2004.

Nowadays, Jamie tends to do his own thing playing at various club nights and venue's around Glasgow, but you are most likely to catch him playing round at Melting Pot, Huntleys and Palmers Audio Club, Bloc and Max's Kansas City.

The "Music Is The Answer" mix takes you on a nice journey through Slo-Mo House, Disco Edits, Electronica and Proto House. Enjoy the music. Click On Right Hand Arrow To Download..

Jamie Thomson - Music Is The Answer - Oct09 by Mr Basic.

Sunday, 8 November 2009


Autodisco is a club night collaboration between two of Scotland's finest underground electronic music imprints Deep Freeze Recordings and Mighty Robot Recordings. musically speaking the nights are all about tracing the defining sounds and influences on these two labels demonstrating their love of disco, electro, electrofunk, italo, early chicago house, detroit techno, house and nu disco. as well as being an opportunity to showcase the new music and artists featuring on the two great labels.

Resident Dj's Iamelectron (Mighty Robot Recordings) and Dicky Trisco (Deep Freeze/Disco Deviance) supply the amazing soundtrack for these nights,plus some very special guests will be at the controls for thier journey. Through their explorations they hope to forge a new way forward into the future for the machine made funk music they both love. Definitely one club night you have to check out.

Autodisco takes place at The Reading Rooms In Dundee Scotland,on the last Friday of the month,also some special shows alongside Rizla's Invisible Players and thier new monthly residency at the Social in London. Enjoy the music. Click On Right Hand Arrow To Download...

Dicky Trisco & Iamelectron - Autodisco Mix by piecetogethermusic

Late Nite Balearic Monster

It’s no secret that the Scandinavians have taken the helm when it comes to Nu Disco, Cosmic and Balearic these days. With the likes of Lindstrom, Prins Thomas and Todd Terje emerging as major forces on the current scene there is another stalwart out there, No other than Peter Visti From Denmark, who has been carving out his own Balearic sound for quite some time.

Peter Visti has been DJ’ing, producing and promoting for over 20 years, his first DJ gig was in 1980 and he’s been working hard on the Danish club scene ever since. Responsible for bringing international DJ’s to Club Concorde in Silkeborg and working or large events such as the Lounge Party in Ridehuset, Peter has DJ’ed all over the world and has worked intensively with Jacob Meyland which resulted in the "Time Flies" record label. (Also with Rene Kirkegaard.)

2003 saw Visti and Meylands first release ‘Bagounche’ and has since been notable for his work with the record label Music For Dreams releasing such tracks as "Banjul", more recently releasing his own tracks on Eskimo Recordings and Mindless Boogie. This is his track "Late Nite Balearic Monster". Enjoy the music. Click On Right Hand Arrow To Download...

Peter Visti - Late Nite Balearic Monster by Piece together blogspot

Point To The Joint

Some great music from San Francisco based production outfit 40 Thieves, who sound almost like authentic NY 80's disco boogie. Their track"Point To The Joint" is a midtempo stormer with wall of sound percussion, massive synth bass, headrush atmospherics and raging, gorgeous keys.

Having some great releases over the last few years,on labels such as Permanent Vacation and Rong music,they also run the amazing Redux label. Redux have put out some first class records by artists such as Soft Rocks,Nick Chacona & Anthony Mansfield and also 40 Thieves themselves. Enjoy the music.

40 Thieves - Point To The Joint by Piece together blogspot

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

In Flagranti

The Kitty Kat Klub is an All Night Disco Party that Launches Sat 28th Nov at The Universal, 57 Sauchiehall Lane Glasgow and closes forever on Sunday 29th...Performing Live and Bringing their special brand of grimy, funky, trash-disco to this one-off party are Electronic Disco Masters In Flagranti (Codek/Kitsune/DFA). In Flagranti destroyed dancefloors worldwide in 2008 with "Business Acumen" before returning in summer 2009 with their second album, "Brash and Vulgar". They've been remixed by the likes of Black Devil Disco Club and Holy Ghost! and have appeared on How To Kill The DJ, FabricLive and Radio Soulwax Compilations. DJ support comes in the form of Bosco (Shake The Disease/Let's Go Back...Way Back) and Craig Moog (Solardisco/Piece Together).

They'll also have live Burlesque Performers adding some feline glamour to proceedings. Bring yer claws! Doors 11pm, £10/8 with student ID. A great cosmic disco party,Not To Be Missed!...

I Need You Tonight

Released on J.C Records in 1981 Punkin Machine's "I Need You Tonight" may very well have served as the prototype for the funkier 1980s Canadian sound that was to come from the likes of Nancy Martin, Suzy Q, and Karen Silver. The track rolls along with an amazing bassline and groove,great vocals and a cheeky disco riff guitar line.

The track has seen a few edits of the years,most notably the Wrenchman edit and Californian Dj Hugh Herrera's edit on his great H-Track label. The original pressing of this track sell for quite a high price now,and even the edits have become very sought after,and can also now command a high selling value. After being included on James Murphy(DFA) and Pat Mahoney's Fabric mix a few years back,the track found a new audience and attracted some new attention. The edit included here is the Wrenchman edit,which stays along the same path as the H-Track edit,cutting out the euro-pop sounding vocals,and building it more for the dance floor. Enjoy the music. Click On Right Hand Arrow To Download...

Punkin Machine - I Need You Tonight (Wrenchman Re-Edit) by Piece together blogspot