Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Multiplicity is the password in the Ajello project. Their sounds and ingredients are concentrated by the different experiences and knowledge from the duo's two members Luca “DJ Rocca” Roccatagliati and Fabrizio “Taver” Tavernelli, bringing along their know-how in the fields of Electro, New-Wave, Italo-Disco, Chicago House, Disco, Neurofunk, Eurodance, and the sounds of space.

Their new 12" on new Re-Edit label Demo Disc see's them dropping some tip-top Disco Re-Edit business. With tracks such as "Bull Attack" with a tough kick drum and wah-wahed guitar sounds layered over some nice hypnotic synth which drives the little vocal rap along, creating a great groove. "The Top" Starts off with some killer percussion and dubbed out stabs, which keep the groove going till the bass and vocal kicks in, turning this track into a great uplifting Disco number. With its Chunky bass line and acidic analogue synth sound "Motor Show" serves up a great dance floor killer, which see's the track run along a great spacey groove moving into a nice percussive break.

Should be out in all good record stores any day now, so keep your eyes and ears peeled. Enjoy the music.

Ajello - Motor Show (B2) by Ajello

Q-Burns Abstract Message

A dark, foreboding stillness, thick fog through the treetops, a mysterious cabin in the woods, and an ominous force within. This imagery obliquely provided inspiration to Q-BAM for his new debut EP on EIGHT-TRACKS, "Chainsaw." The title refers to a climactic scene in an infamous American low-budget horror movie. Incidentally, it might also reference how Q-BAM almost took a chainsaw to his studio equipment while creating this track. The Analog Version was meant to be recorded almost entirely with vintage hardware but as the session commenced the Juno-106 started sputtering, the tape on the Chorus Echo snapped, the circuits on the ASR-10 gave off an odor like burnt candle wax, and so on.

Circumventing such ghosts in the machinery, this version of "Chainsaw" ends up a rambunctious and quirky house builder complete with filtered beats, a pounding bassline, squelchy guitar hits, and a buzzing chainsaw synth melody. Like many Q-Burns Abstract Message tracks "Chainsaw" sits firmly between several house music micro-genres while affirming the frenzied accident of its creation.

Q-Burns Abstract Message follows this with two radically self-remixed versions. The first, a Loose Version, attempts to take the American fright flick impetus and move it to a more Italian, Argento-inspired location. The tempo is reduced to a lurching slink and some analog remnants are applied, including juicy spring reverb bass stabs. Haunted pianos and spooky synth strings abound. Next, Q-BAM's Balearic Version attempts a resolution; the ending credits theme, perhaps. Here a breezy and vibrant Spanish-guitar led rendition closes out the EP on an uplifting note.

Suddenly, a pair of remixers were selected who were thought to be in tune with "Chainsaw"'s off-kilter motif. The Italian duo Ajello burst forth with a synth-powered disco revelation that takes the sinister overtone and boldly throws it towards the dancefloor. São Paulo's rising house music talent Jota Wagner also tackles the theme with a funky confidence. His steadily evolving remix piles on layers of melody and rhythm, at one point giving way to a demonic cackle. Mysterious business throughout.

Q-Burns Abstract Message's "Chainsaw" introduces a busy year for the seasoned electronic music producer. In addition to his constant stream of remixes and DJ work Q-BAM is currently recording a follow-up EP as well as his long-awaited album project. Keep watching for more to come from Q-Burns Abstract Message and EIGHT-TRACKS. This is the Loose Version here for your listening pleasure. Enjoy.

Q-Burns Abstract Message - "Chainsaw (Loose Version)" by EIGHT-TRACKS

Solid Gold Saturday Safari

The Solid Gold Saturday Safari is a regular Saturday afternoon party which is located in the west of Glasgow City Centre.

The whole concept is a continuation of the East Village NYC Sunday parties which held their last event on Sunday 9th September 2001. The terrorist atrocity which took place two days later, closed down the venue and consequently the club.

Here in Glasgow, the ethos of the events remains the same. Families and children are welcome to come along and have a dance to some of the best contemporary dance music around, supplied by resident Djs Dribbler (Pure), The Earl (SLO-MO) and Anton as well as some quality guests.

The club is steadily making its mark on Glasgow's vibrant clubscene and has already featured Dj sets from JD Twitch (Optimo), Supa DJ Dimitri (Dee- Lite) and Chicago's Chez Damier (Mojuba) who dropped in for an exclusive afternoon set after a gig in London.

Kicking off around 2pm with a great vibe, cheap Bloody Mary's and great music all through the day taking you into the night. This afternoon party is a great addition to the Glasgow music and clubscene and is definitely something the city could do with more of, get down and enjoy.....

The Garden Festival

Held in the majestic coastal town of Petrcane, the event has become one of the most successful ventures on the Croatian festival circuit, last year extending its duration to cover two weekends. The same will apply to 2010, stretching from July 2-11, and featuring many of the acts that made their previous incarnations such a favourite with house and disco fans. Crazy P, Greg Wilson, Mark E, The Revenge and Todd Terje will all be making the most of the beautiful scenery and baking sunshine with plenty of disco delights, while the house side of things will be looked after by the Innervisions crew Henrik Schwarz, Dixon and Ame who will all DJ, with an additional live set by Henrik) as well as Sub Club residents Harri and Dominic

Domu will bring his eclectic vibes along and Ninja Tune's Bonobo will offer some downtempo beats, but one of the festival's real coups is the appearance of The Arthur Russell Tribute Project. Faze Action and Yam Who?will team up to perform some of the legendary New York musician's tracks live under their Killer Whale moniker, which should no doubt be an exciting prospect for those who have bought any of the recent Russell tribute 12-inches on the Electric Minds label.

And of course there's also the promise of yet another load of boat party's setting sail. The line-up for these and many other parties during the week will soon be announced. Here we have a great little warm up mix from The Revenge to get you in the summer vibe. Enjoy.

Garden Festival Warm Up Mix by The Revenge


Electrofunkdiscotek hosts a great free party at The Brunswick Hotel Glasgow on Saturday 12th June with Djs Craig Moog (Solardisco/Piece Together). The night kicks off in the bar at 9pm then moves downstairs to the basement club venue till 2am. You can expect a soundtrack of Electronic Disco, Re-Edits, Italo and Cosmic Sounds, taking you on a late night journey.

Craig also plays at the city's West End Festival on Sunday 13th June at The Hillhead Bookclub. With a great line up of Djs taking you through the day and night including Teamy & Larry (Wrong Island), Dj Lono (Mount Heart Attack), Billy Woods (Supermax) and The Piece Together Soundsystem (Craig Moog & Kev Stevens) making this a great Sunday session not to be missed....

Space System

Some amazing cosmic rock grooves on the new 12" from Space System. Their new track "Master Of The Sky" on the great Pizzico Records from Italy, is perfect for those who like their disco with a hint of hippy trippiness and lysergic acid. There are four versions on the record to choose from, each exploring a different dimension and curve.

On the "Band Version" of "Master Of The Sky" we get a dreamy 60s style psychedelic electro-acoustic psyche-rock cut that slowly builds and falls. One for the fans of Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve etc. The Heels Of Love remix presents a slow-mo disco style with a cosmic feeling using the vocal parts from the "Band Version" and loads of added swishy synth sounds and washes. On the flip we get the original version of the track, which features a strong arpeggiated Italo disco bassline and plenty of percussion with an amazing organ breakdown that knocks you off your feet! Lastly it's the turn of the Erre remix with its more upbeat electrohouse style beats and big synth riffs, both of which turn the track into a bit of a disco psych floorfiller. Here we have the Heels Of Love mix to get you in the mood. Out now on Pizzico Records and available from all good record stores.

Space System - Master Of The Sky (The Heels Of Love Remix) by The Heels Of Love