Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The Choice Four

The Choice Four were a harmonizing soul group from Washington, D.C., whose records deserved a better fate. They recorded for RCA in the mid-'70s, but were never able to score a breakout hit, despite making some very moving, nicely sung ballads. The group consisted of lead singer Bobby Hamilton,Ted Maduro, Pete Marshall, and Charles Blagmore. Maduro and Marshall were former members of the Love Tones, and Blagmore of the Stridels. Unfortunately, none of their singles ever cracked the R&B Top 40 in the 70s.

Their track "Down To Earth" takes on a great disco feel,with some nice basslines and grooves. The edit here comes courtesy of my friend Mash (aka Martyn Henderson) from Glasgow,who runs the Compact Disco.Net clubnights. Here he bumps up the production and keeps the groove and feel of the original. Enjoy. Click On Right Hand Arrow To Download...

The Choice Four - Down To Earth (Mash Compact Disco Edit) by Piece together blogspot

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Over The Sky

New mix from Craig Moog (Electrofunkdiscotek/Solardisco). The "Over The Sky Mix" Covers some nice 21st Century deep cosmic disco,taking in tracks from Lindstrom,Iliya Santana,Ooft Music,Ilija Rudman,Jay Shepheard,Social Disco Club and lots more.

Craig plays Solardisco alongside Maelstrom (Eskimo Recordings/Mindless Boogie) and Kev Stevens on Saturday the 10th October at Basura Blanca (The Brunswick) Glasgow and also at Electrofunkdiscotek with Supermax "Tech-Noir" on Saturday the 26th September. Craig can also be found playing at the Wee Chill music festival on Satuday the 26th September at the Glasshouse in Queens Park Glasgow, alongside some great guests such as Prins Thomas (Full Pupp) Ralph Lawson (20/20) and Optimo (Oscarr) plus loads more. Enjoy the music. Click On Right Hand Arrow To Download...

Over The Sky Mix - (Electrofunkdiscotek) by moogroove

Rock The Joint

Wild Rumpus are Cosmo and Gary Lucas,two pioneers of forward thinking music, but from very different backgrounds that combine to make the kind of music you simply can’t ignore but at the same time can’t quite put your finger on.

To mark the follow-up to their first two singles "Musical Blaze-Up" and "Purple Somersault" on Bitches Brew Records, they’ve bagged a collaboration with vocal entertainer extraordinaire Beardyman – the result being the tripped out hoe-down that is ‘Rock The Joint’.

Colleen Murphy, aka Dj Cosmo, has been pushing musical boundaries since her teens. Born near Boston but relocated to NYC in '86, Cosmo had her own radio show by the age of 14, which she held for many years, showcasing her love of psychedelic, garage and prog rock and was one of the only outside DJs ever to grace the decks at the infamous birthplace of clubbing, David Mancuso's 'The Loft'. Cosmo's work in the realms of disco, nu wave, electronica, house, nu jazz and crossover rock has allowed her to develop an eclectic DJ style that is beloved by DJs, promoters, clubbers across the globe. The mix of Cosmo’s psychedelic roots and disco tutelage truly explains the sounds of her partnership with one of the guitar world's genuine pioneers.

Gary Lucas was recently dubbed the 'Guitarist of 1000 Ideas' by the New York Times and is widely considered to be the guitar world's greatest living talent. Previously of Captain Beefheart, Gary is famed for his multi-faceted musical creativity, collaboration projects, film scores and most recently, his work with new band "Gods & Monsters". As the co-writer of Jeff Buckley's seminal "Grace", Gary is no stranger to making hits, yet his passion for experimentation continues to make him one of music's more interesting characters.

This is the Reveso 68 mix of their track "Rock The Joint" Enjoy the music....

Wild Rumpus - Rock The Joint (Reverso 68 Remix) by piece together music

Monday, 21 September 2009

Mark E

Mark E has made a name for himself over the past few years by slowing things down. Disco edits are a bit of controversial subject at the moment, and anyone owning a personal record collection plus an impersonal computer can knock out a version of an old classic. Birmingham's Mark E is a different animal. His re-works of Womack & Womack's 'Baby, I'm Scared Of You' and Tata Vega's 'Give It Up For Love' seemed to have pushed the edit phenomenon to new levels, adding new elements to the production and that little uncertain niceness that separates the wheat from the chaff. A fact that led gentlemen like the mighty Gilles Petterson, Normany Jay (MBE), the dynamic Unabombers duo and Norway's Prins Thomas to champion released and unreleased Mark E productions and edits.

Not content with producing, Mark has created a rare DJ mix which reflects his musical influences & tastes, ranging from Detroit Beatdown to midtempo Boogie across tripped out Dub to Soul drenched Disco. Enjoy. Click On Right Hand Arrow To Download...

Mark E - Warm Mix by piece together music

Friday, 18 September 2009

Life's A Beach

Studio are Dan Lissvik & Rasmus Hagg. They are based in Gothenburg in Sweden and relesed their album West Coast on Information Records. Studio are making beautiful organic electronic music that falls midway between dance, indie and electronica. A list of modern day comparisons would be with DFA, Fujiya & Miyagi, and Lindstrom. Featured here is the remix by Todd Terje of their track "Life's A Beach" with Terje's signature trademark sounds which give an extra dancefloor orientated feel to this mix.

Enjoy the music. Click On Right Hand Arrow To Download...

Love To Fly

Venus Gang's "Love To Fly" is an epic-sounding and ultra rare cosmic funk track based loosely on the O'Jays "For The Love Of Money". The track comes from their 1978 album Galactic Soul released on various record labels including Epic,Hansa,and Derby.

"Love To Fly" has some great production with an amazing backbeat,incorporating psychadelic vocals,cosmic bassline and some spaced out sounds. The track has finally seen a 12" release on Cloud Records (the hard to find canadian Lotus 12s are mis-labelled and actually contain "Dies Irae" from the same album) also containing the very rare instrumental version of "Stop ou encore" by Plastic Bertrand on the B side which was big with Baldelli and massive for Ron Hardy. A great record to have in your record box. Enjoy. Click On Right Hand Arrow To Download...

Venus Gang - Love To Fly by piece together music

The Revenge

Graeme Clark began producing in his early teenage years, making a skewed blend of electronic music using a couple of his dad’s old drum machines and a sampler. Influenced by his parents collection of rock, soul and funk aswell as eighties daytime radio and the burgeoning rave scene, he began the process of dissecting and re-imagining the music.

Productions for his own labels Instruments Of Rapture, Five20East and his DJ edits for L.E.S.S. Productions have had across-the-board support from scene heavyweights including Danny Krivit, Jimpster, Radio Slave, Prins Thomas, Fabrice Lig, Todd Terje, The Unabombers, Karizma, SWAG, Dan Ghenacia, Gilles Peterson, Ashley Beedle, Domu, Kissy Sellout, Joe Claussell, Stuart Patterson, Atjazz, Bill Brewster, Phil Asher, Tim Sweeney and more.

DJ work over the years has included spots with Jimpster, Joe Claussell, Domu, Mark E, Mad Mats, Seiji, Yousef, Jeff Mills, Jazzy Jeff, MAW, Sinden, James Lavelle and more.

Graeme has also provided his engineering experience to several projects over the past few years and has recently mastered Harri & Domenic’s 20 Years Underground / Sub Club mix for Soma aswell as new material for Mark E, Jisco, Under The Shade and Fine Art Recordings. His other collaborative projects currently include Deportivo Street Team, OOFT!, Cronk Family Enterprises, 6th Borough Project and The Hong Kong Micros.

This is his new mix of Ilija Rudman,s "Night People" fourth release in the Instuments Of Rapture series. Out at the end of September. Enjoy.

Ilija Rudman : Night People (The Revenge Midnight Mix) by The Revenge

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Mein Disko

Mein Disko is a Disco monthly night in Paris, hosted by Guido (from Goldrush) and Vincent Vega (former ZE), with the unvaluable help of Mr Marco Dos Santos...

After a succesfull year at Le Paris Paris, Mein Disko is back in several different venues: a monthly at the new Regine club (under the Drifter! alias). Plus some unexpected appearance in dancefloor-oriented venues: La Fleche d'Or, Le Baron, La Fidélité, Social Clubetc...

Expect the soundtrack of music to cover Balearic,Psychedelic Boogie,NuDisco & Re-Edits,Vintage Italo,Tropical Beat,Kitch Pop,Sweedish Disco and any other form of unusual Dance music.

The club nights have seen great guests such as Holy Ghost (Rong), Woolfy (DFA),Pilooski (Discodeine),Loud E (Ambassador,s Reception),Glass Candy (Italians Do It Better) and many, many more come to play at this great club.

Next night is on the 18th September at Mezzanine Du Palais Tokyo,Paris France 11pm-3am

Leftside Wobble

Great new edit of the Beatles "Tommorow Never Knows" by London based producer and Dj Leftside wobble. Leftside wobble Dj Sets join the dots between dub, funk, disco & house with no specific genres, eras, musical fads or any other such nonsense coming into play. Just a celebration of good music and grooves that tickle your hips and soothe your soul.

Extending the track and adding some nice spots of production to this great piece of music without tampering to much,he,s managed to update this classic and do it justice. Check it out here for yourself. Enjoy the music. Click On Right Hand Arrow To Download...

The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows (Leftside Wobble Edit)-320K by Leftside Wobble

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Rogue Cat

Rogue Cat is a new side-project from Dean Meredith of Chicken Lips fame. Here he presents his first excursion under this moniker; a mid-tempo jaunt into the realm of cosmic funk. "Magic Journey" is easily one of Dean’s best solo tracks in my opinion, a real masterclass in sci-fi disco wizardry. On the flip Todd Terje provides a truly stunning remix! A lot of love has clearly gone into this mix utilising key elements from the original while adding lots of his own ingredients including his vocals. A proper piece of 21st century disco.

Here is the Todd Terje Mix. Enjoy the music. Click On Right Hand Arrow To Download...

Rouge Cat - Magic Journey (Todd Terje mix) by piece together music

Still Going

Still Going are Dj,s and producers Liv Spencer and Eric Duncan. Liv and Eric met many years ago at the now infamous Rui's Loft in lower Manhattan... where Eric spun now-legendary sweaty late night parties as one half of the New York DJ duo Rub-N-Tug. In the time since, Eric’s Rub N Tug project began to take off, DJ’ing around the world, releasing mix CD’s on Eskimo, Fabric and aNYthing Records and remixes for LCD Soundsystem, Coldplay, Roxy Music and the Beastie Boys.

Liv also was DJ’ing extensively, and he released singles and remixes under several aliases on labels such as Whatever We Want Records (as one half of House Of House), Kitsune, Rong Music, Poker Flat and Ibadan. He also began to engineer and provide additional programing on numerous Rub'n'Tug releases and remixes, further cementing the relationship.

It was only natural that Dunks and Liv would begin working more closely together. This came about on the “How & Why” single for Rong Music. From there, the two produced the blissful ‘Still Going Theme’. On the night it was mixed down, James Murphy was spinning at the DFA Records Holiday Party of 2006 near by. James liked the mix so much he played it right away to a roomful of rabid disco fans who cheered for it on the spot. Eric & Liv, headed back to the studio soon after to record the flipside for the future DFA release... the equally anthemic ‘On And On’

Even before its commercial release, ‘Still Going Theme’ was featured in Prins Thomas’s Essential Mix for the BBC’s Radio 1. The song has also been included on James Murphy and Pat Mahoney’s (LCD Soundsystem) Fabric Live mix. "On And On" is feautured on the new Force Of Nature mix on Mule Musiq.

With the release of their new record "Spaghetti Circus" on DFA which is a feel-good dancefloor monster playing all the right notes to appeal to a broader audience Still Going have went from strength to strength. It is the perfect end of the night song that heightens all kind of love feelings. The disco element is positively provided by Reggie Watts’ raging vocals telling us about how good everything is going to be tonight and the heightened good feelings present on the dancefloor. Enjoy the mix. Click On Right Hand Arrow To Download...

Still Going - RA Mix  by  Piece Together

Das Volt

Late Night Audio is a club night that's well placed to take advantage of the on-again, off-again love affair between house and disco. The brainchild of respected disco producer Toby Tobias and London scenester Danny Clark, Late Night Audio has been bringing heroes of the house scene such as Radio Slave and Jimpster to play alongside disco stalwarts such as Bill Brewster long before many other parties were inspired to jump aboard the glittery disco bandwagon. It should come as no surprise, then, that the label's first forays into the record business see the release of a slick hybrid of discoid house coming courtesy of French/US producer, Das Volt.

Eschewing the prevalent trend in the disco/re-edits scene of recycling large chunks of '80s rarities and applying house grooves; Das Volt has produced "Gestures" using only analogue equipment. The result is a warm, mid-tempo groover that's reminiscent of early '80s Prelude material and production touches that are reminiscent of Metro Area's best work. "Fantasy," meanwhile, slows down the tempo slightly but keeps the funk ever-present. Staples of '80s boogie such as live bass, groovy clav's and triangle rides all feature but are mixed with modern touches like white noise washes and reverbed wood block hits. With a laidback vibe but a clearly dance-influenced structure, both "Gestures" and "Fantasy" are likely to find favour with fans of Lindstrøm and other producers who have been lazily bracketed together in the "cosmic disco" section.

The remixes of "Gestures," although not radically different in style and tone to the original, are also undeniably worth a mention. The Toby Tobias mix simply beefs up the drums and extends the bassline to good effect, making the record more palatable in a club environment. However, it's the Fabrizio Mammarella mix on this package which makes the most lasting impression. Following up from his stellar work on labels such as Bear Funk and Tiny Sticks, Mammarella continues a run of form that has seen him gain plenty of plaudits from underground disco tastemakers in recent months.

Taking the electro funk influences found in the original mix, Mammarella ramps them up tenfold. Analogue bass growls, Patrick Cowley-style flicks of cowbell and Chicken Lips-influenced bleeps make this record perfectly pitched at those who like the more sleazy and electronic side of disco. With enough grunt to get dance floor's moving but enough groove to keep those attuned to soaring melodies interested, "Gestures" should be a welcome addition to any collection that flirts with the more down-tempo areas of club music. Click On Right Hand Arrow To Download...

Das Volt - Gestures (Fabrizio Mammarella Remix) by Piece Together

Friday, 11 September 2009

Melting Pot

Melting Pot is the longest running club celebrating disco and the New York sound in the UK. Since Bill Brewster joined them at the turntables in March 2001, they have had some great nights in various venues including The Riverside Club, Sub Club, The Arches, boat parties in various locations and festivals across Scotland, and now, on the first Saturday of every month at The Admiral on Waterloo Street, Glasgow.

Respect must go to the DJs who have joined residents Andrew Pirie and Simon Cordiner over the past 8 years including: Joe Claussell, David Mancuso, Moodymann, Dimitri From Paris, Billy Woods, DJ Cosmo, Bill Brewster, Greg Wilson, Danny Krivit, Francois Kevorkian, Steve Kotey, Idjut Boys, Daniele Baldelli, Maurice Fulton, Pete Herbert, Ashley Beedle, Strut DJs, Sean P, Jeremy Newall, The Revenge, Andy Blake, Gerard Bell, Tim Sweeney, Optimo DJs, DJ Rahaan, Mark Seven, Kirk Degiorgio, and Al Kent amongst many, many others.

This month Melting Pot pushes the envelope and serves up another debutant in the form of Paul Murphy AKA MUDD. Paul has been DJing since the late ‘80’s and producing for nearly as long! After hooking up with the Idjut Boys at their Phreek night; Paul and friends, Tom Lee and ,Melting Pot favourite, Steve Kotey got to work as Akwaaba releasing a couple of LPs and numerous singles on the Idjut’s labels - including the storming “Jus’ Pilau” which became a Body and Soul classic with Francois K licensing it for his Essential Mix CD.

After Akwaaba disbanded Paul started to work exclusively under his Mudd moniker with some fabulous singles on the American based Rong music, culminating in the rather special Claremont 56 album - which headed more into the Balearic sound that his latter productions would more fully embrace. In 2007 Paul decided to go it alone and set up the Claremont 56 label, an outlet for beautiful Balearic based music, with help from old friends like the Idjut Boys. Not content with just the one label, there is also Sixty Five which has put out some tasty disco edits.

Claremont 56 has been branching out into the compilations market recently, via the “Originals” series, where record collectors extraordinaire, like previous Melting Pot guest Mark Seven, are given free reign to pick the gems from their collections.

Paul even manages to fit in some DJing amongst all this! and a fine one he is too! The more laid back vibe of his productions makes way for what one would expect from an MP guest – music for the dancefloor – with a heavy disco beat!

Mudd play Melting Pot at The Admiral,Glasgow on Saturday 3rd October. This is one not to be missed. Click On Right Hand Arrow To Download...

Mudd Disco by meltingpotglasgow

Thursday, 10 September 2009

The Popular People's Front

Welcome to the The Popular People's Front where they continue to subvert the musical status quo from within!. An anonymous group of musical activists whose sonic manifesto embraces a return to creative sampling & DJing without limits. Releasing limited Edition VINYL ONLY selections of heavyweight retro grooves and future basement workouts, all wrapped in bespoke sleeve art from Cyanide Graphic.

Focusing on and influenced by the less well known, but no less legendary tracks from Disco, early Boogie, Balearia, Hip Hop and leftfield electronic jams to stripped back modern workouts, re-translating them into speaker smashing sample collages for 21st century dancefloor debauchery.
They have established quite an army of followers, and contributors continue to be added to the mix, keeping the The Popular People's Front message fresh and effective.

The Popular People's Front have appeared at selected underground parties warehouses and basements over the last two decades. Never failing to ignite music loving floors with their incendiary combination of mindblowing sounds, spanning 30 years of glorious club music. This Is Their Track "I,ll Make Your Day" from the Sample Pleasures EP. Enjoy. Click On Right Hand Arrow To Download...

The Popular Peoples Front - I,ll Make Your Day by Piece Together

Optimo - Joakim & The Disco

Joakim Bouaziz is the Parisian founder of Tigersushi records and brilliant producer/remixer in his own right. Renowned for solo work such as ''I wish you were gone'' and ''Drumtrax'' - not to mention his superb remix output which includes acclaimed mixes of Poni Hoax, DJ Medhi, and Cut Copy to mention but a few - have cemented his reputation as one of the most innovative and influential artists around.

Joakim will be performing at Optimo in the Subclub with his band under the moniker ''Joakim & the Disco'' - whose upcoming album ''Milky Ways'' has been tipped as one of the best of 2009 so far, featuring the excellent single ''Love & Romance & A Special Person''. Joakim & the Disco have been described as everything from electro-pop, pyschedelia, krautrock and exotica!

Please join Them for what promises to be a diverse journey through modern disco’s more interesting elements. Here,s a great edit of J.J Cale,s "Ride Me High" by Joakim to get you in the mood. Joakim & The Disco play Optimo at the Subclub Glasgow on Sunday 20th September. Enjoy. Click On Right Hand Arrow To Download...

J.J Cale - Ride Me High (Joakim Edit) by Piece Together


The brainchild of disco fanatics Dan Balis, Eugene Cho and Darius Maghen, Escort formed in 2005 to take a love of the classic live dance sound to the 21st century. The trio writes music, and then enlists a massive crew of musicians to record live in the studio. A smidgen of modern knob twiddling gives the tunes a bit more punch, but a decidedly vintage production quality remains. Later, they then take their music out on the road to perform on any stage that will accommodate a performance featuring up to fourteen members.

The first release on their self-titled label,was "Starlight"which is a perfect example of what this talented group is trying to achieve. Their subsequent three releases, along with remixes for Everything But The Girl's Tracey Thorn and Germany's Permanent Vacation label, are further solidifying the group as one to turn to for disco done right. In simply trying to recreate the good vibes of days gone past, those times before the rampant commercialization of the sound in the late '70s, Escort has managed to revive a feeling that is universal in its ability to make people smile and move their feet. Now, if only we could find more stages for them to play on, we would have disco converts truly running rampant. This is their great track "Starlight" which has also seen mixes by Darshan Jesrani of Metro Area. Enjoy. Click On Right Hand Arrow To Download...

Escort - Starlight by Piece Together

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

The Space Machine

Long serving representatives of the disco scene Pete Herbert (Maxi Discs) and Johnny 'Chingas' Hiller (Lasermagnetic/Tropical Spacemachine) continue to join forces bringing their good time sound to the CAMP (James Priestley's new joint) for the first time.

The Spacemachine, a party spin-off 'J.Chingas' Tropical Spacemachine' fortnightly radio show on takes a more leftfield direction musically speaking, so expect anything from krautrock, different shades of disco and exotica through to early 90s NYC house vibes and beyond.

Following previous sessions with the Idjut Boys, Phoreski, Bad Passion & Toby Tobias, the chaps are joined by Mo Morris from A Mountain Of One this time around. Mister Morris has promised to bring down a selection of records that have influenced the making of his new LP 'Institute Of Joy'.
Catch the 'A Mountain Of One' live showcase at Rough Trade his Saturday, the 5th from 7pm!
You are advised to get there early, as there are ltd. spaces and entry is on a first come first served basis.

The City Arts & Music Project (The CAMP) is a temporary space located on City Road, Shoreditch London, which is the perfect backdrop for a fun filled Saturday evening alternative bar vibe. Taking over the site of a former Chinese restaurant and operating as a café during the day / bar at night, it's committed to a progressive Arts & Music program. Armed with a Martin Audio soundsystem, a focused calendar of DJs & party crews and Contemporary Arts series, The CAMP aims to provide a breath of fresh air for Shoreditch.

The event is free.

Beyond Contact

New mix from Craig Moog (Electrofunkdiscotek/Solardisco). The "Beyond Contact Mix" Covers some nice 21st Century deep cosmic disco,taking in tracks from Nick Chacona & Anthony Mansfield,Morten Sorensen,Todd Terje,Ooft Music,Shit Robot and lots more.

Craig plays Solardisco alongside Maelstrom (Eskimo Recordings/Mindless Boogie) and Kev Stevens this Saturday the 12th September at Basura Blanca (The Brunswick) Glasgow and also at Electrofunkdiscotek with Supermax "Tech-Noir" on Saturday the 26th September. Craig can also be found playing at the Wee Chill music festival on Satuday the 26th September at the Glasshouse in Queens Park Glasgow, alongside some great guests such as Prins Thomas (Full Pupp) Ralph Lawson (20/20) and Optimo (Oscarr) plus loads more. Enjoy the music. Click On Right Hand Arrow To Download...

Beyond Contact Mix - (Electrofunkdiscotek) by moogroove


Warm return for their ninth installment of their Plastic People residency on September 18th. This month they have an all star DFA line-up with two of the labels key artists Still Going and Mock & Toof.

Still Going are Liv Spencer and Eric Duncan. Since making waves with their now classic 2007 debut "Still Going Theme/On and On", the duo have turned out remixes for The Presets, !!!, Crazy P, Force of Nature, Doves, Low Motion Disco, and continued work with their respective projects, House of House and Rub N Tug. Now they are back with their brand new killer 12" "Spaghetti Circus" which is a guitar-laced piano anthem that drives to kick-and-scream dance hall levels and is becoming another anthem in itself with huge critical acclaim and DJ's across the world supporting this new record!

Alongside Still Going they welcome DFA label mates Mock & Toof. London's finest producers who have been busy in the studio finalising their debut LP which features vocalists Pollyester and Gavin Gordon and will see the light of day in early 2010! In the meantime they have continued to run their amazing Tiny Sticks label as well as working on remixes for the likes of Zero 7, Bryan Ferry and Pollyester!

Definitely one DFA / Warm session not to be missed!

The Wee Chill

The Wee Chill returns on Saturday 26th September to the Glasshouse in Queens Park Glasgow for it,s summer closing party. As usual the line up is as strong as ever,with guests such as 2000 And One (Intacto),Prins Thomas (Full Pupp),Ralph Lawson (20/20 Vision),The Revenge (Ooft),20/20 Soundsystem (20/20 Vision),Optimo (Oscarr),Craig Moog (Solardisco),Billy Woods (Supermax) plus loads more. The Wee Chill is now in its 7th year (after a one year sabbatical) and back at its spiritual home, the Glasshouse in Queens Park.

After the success of May,s event which seen a great summer line up from the Horse Meat Disco room featuring its name sake plus Twitch & Wilkes (Optimo) and Kompakt King Justus Kohncke with a live show,to the Subculture vs Sensu Stage featuring the laptop and 909 shenanigans of Sensu (live), Sub Club stalwarts Harri & Domenic, day time phenomenon Sunday Circus and Cocoon backed Romanian wunderkid Raresh,this is one not to be slept on!

After party at the Subclub & The Admiral. Tickets available from Ticket Scotland,Macsorleys Music Bar and Rubadub Records Glasgow. For more info check

Faze Action

Faze Action have been pivotal in directing the modern disco sound since day dot. With their new album "Stratus Energy" they really show how it,s done. Chimes,grooves,balearica,psych,fine fusions of sound across the disco spectrum can be found here. It’s impossible to underestimate Faze Action’s role in bringing about the richness and breadth to electronic music that we now take for granted. In 2009, disco is a recognized part of contemporary dance music’s fabric, but it wasn’t always so.

Back in the mid-nineties, brothers Robin and Simon Lee released a string of essential 12”s on Nuphonic under the name Faze Action. These intricate but immediate tracks opened up whole new pathways and possibilities for club music; merging an organic, low-slung disco sensibility with heady grooves and instrumentation borrowed from funk, Latin and African traditions, all delivered with the punch and precision of cutting edge house and techno. Last year, ‘In The Trees’ was re-issued upon its 10th anniversary with stunning remixes by Carl Craig and Jerome Sydenham, affirming its classic status but also marking the beginning of a new chapter in the story of Faze Action. Since then, the Lee's have been busier than ever, consolidating their disco roots with 6 fresh 12”s on their own FAR label and remixing the likes of Johnny Hammond, Metronomy and Da lata.With their new album Stratus Energy out now,Faze Action will be taking their Disco sound Live and Djing . It’s not just the many old converts who are taking notice; a contemporary audience with a real hunger and enthusiasm for Faze Action’s incendiary brand of Disco and Balearica is on board and open-eared.

This Is Faze Action,s La Boum Deluxe Mix. Enjoy.Click On Right Hand Arrow To Download...

Faze Action - La Boum Deluxe Mix by piecetogethermusic

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Burning Love Breakdown

Peter Browns track "Burning Love Breakdown" is an Hypnotic track. It was mixed by dubbing and overdubbing on a 4-track tape recorder in Peter's bedroom. It's on the B-side of the 12" of the smash hit disco track "Do ya wanna get funky with me". The 12" version (TK Disco) was the first 12" single to go gold (sell one million).
Not to be confused with the Peter Brown of P&P records who's working in New York with Patrick Adams, Peter Brown is a Miami disco artist signed to the Drive label (a sub-label of TK productions). This remix is brought to you by the Beat Broker.

The Beat Broker began DJing outside of the bedroom in 2001 playing everything from German minimal techno to classic 80s electro to italian disco. Currently he is a monthly resident of 'POP' at the Rx Gallery in San Francisco, which in its 5th year, has hosted the likes of Erland Oye, Brennan Green and Tako/Loud-E. To create just the right mood for these nights, the Beat Broker began to make edits, remixes and even new tracks. From slower "cosmic" songs for the beginning of the night to up-tempo synthesizer based crowd pleasers. These productions soon became more serious and have been released on the Walkman, Flexx and Disques Sinthomme labels and soon Sentrall.

While continuing to make mixes and original tracks, the Beat Broker is constantly attempting to fuse old sounds with new ideas and create something for the crowd as well as the listener. Check his website for new DJ sets and remixes. Enjoy.
Click On Right Hand Arrow To Download...

Peter Brown - Burning Love Breakdown (the Beat Broker Slow Burn) by piecetogethermusic

Coming To You Live

This star-studded album by organ player Charles Earland was released in 1980 on Columbia Records, it features Rodney Jones, Marcus Miller, Buddy Williams, George Young, Randy and Michael Brecker, Pat Rebillot, Jeff Mironov, Jay Berliner, Eddie Daniels, Weldon Irvine, Doc Powell, Urbie Green, Yogi Horton, Bernard Wright and others. The groove is funky with a heavy slant towards the disco movement of that time.

The track from the album of the same name "Coming To You Live" keeps the groove with stunning horns,spliced disco riff guitars and amazing vocals. Enjoy. Click On Right Hand Arrow To Download...

Charles Earland - Coming to You Live by piecetogethermusic

Wednesday, 2 September 2009


If you haven't heard of this lovely and highly talented duo from Belgium, chances are good you have moved your body to one of their uplifting little tunes in 2007 under a mirrorball near you. The masterminds behind the unique sound of Aeroplane are Vito De Luca & DJ Stephen of Dirty Dancing and Make-Up fame, two infamous Belgian clubnights. Signed to the wonderful Eskimo label the two provide breathtaking Balearic grooves, Cosmic Disco and synth-laden midtempo House of the highest order. And with the grandmasters of nu-disco themselves Lindstrom and Prins Thomas among their biggest fans and remixes for Grace Jones, Freindly Fires, MGMT or Sebastien Tellier, the future is looking even brighter for Aeroplane.

This is the Flying Mix,taking in tracks from Discodromo,Tensnake,Elitechnique,Wild Rumpus,Lindstrom & Solale and lots more. Enjoy the mix. Click On Right Hand Arrow To Download...

Aeroplane - Flying Mix by piecetogethermusic

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Maxi Discs

Set up by Pete Herbert (Reverso 68/LSB) and Dicky Trisco (Boogie Corporation/Disco Deviance/Deep Freeze), brand new imprint Maxi Discs is all about a journey into Tropical House Music. A journey to capture a sound they both love to play in their sets while DJing which perfectly combines their taste for disco (new and old) with a passion for proper House music that can really work the dancefloor.

The first release on the label by amazing Norweigan producer Marius called "Disco Drummer" has been a massive success and has gone a long way to defining the musical direction of the imprint. Part disco, part deep house and part Afro it’s music that works the body and the soul, and which is both deep and dynamite on the dancefloor. New track "Yo Drums" is all about Pete getting back home after a long night spent driving the crowd wild and then switching on the laptop and the synths and trying to recapture the essence of that feeling in a track. And just like one of his DJ sets "Yo Drums" mixes elements of house, Italo and disco into a heady potion of dance floor dynamite.

DJ support has came from across the board with Ashley Beedle, Faze Action, Aeroplane, Bill Brewster, Harri, Horse Meat Disco, the Unabombers, Mark E, The Revenge and many, many more playing and praising the Maxi Sound.

With a string of top quality releases to come and LP projects already being planned it looks like there’s exciting times ahead for Maxi Discs. This is the Maxi-Mix from Pete Herbert and Dicky Trisco. Enjoy.Click On Right Hand Arrow To Download...

Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco - Maxi Discs Mix by piecetogethermusic

Mushrooms Project

Mushrooms Project are Giorgio Giri and Marco Lentano who met back in 2003. They were joined through a love of DJing and a passion for all forms of music. Their inspiration has come from the Idjut Boys and the Mateo & Matos duet.

Pushing the boundaries of DJing they introduced themselves to using 4 turntables, which enables them to fuse together deep house, disco and funk. After making their debut in their home country of Italy they have gone onto play at various parties around Formentera and Ibiza. In the middle of the Mediterranean their Balearic approach to music fitted in perfectly with their surroundings! In 2008 the pair had their first production signed by London's Bear Funk Records. As an established label with releases form the likes of Lindstrom, Chicken Lips, Idjut Boys, Fabrizio Mammarella it was a promising start for Giorgio & Marco.

Shortly after a new demo arrived at Electric Minds who were quick to snap up their latest EP for the label. "Space Mushrooms", "Wilkommen" and "Special Guest In The Camping" are newly created tracks with live instruments throughout. The baleraric and techy sounds provide an original and new sound for the ever growing house / nu disco scene. As an added bonus to this new Ep is a remix from Toby Tobias. As a friend to the label and with his consistency of releasing his trademark sound on labels such as Rekids and Tiny Sticks it's great to hear Toby's work on this excellent EP.

With their great club Mushroom Projects at the Veronika Club in Italy attracting some stunning guests right into 2010 including a Vs night with Disco Safari,Mudd(Clarmont 56),Steve Kotey(Bear Funk/Chicken Lips)and loads more,its definitely some where to be checked out. Keep up the good work fellas....

Space Fortress

Altair Nouveau consists of one Brandon Mitchell, a young producer from the west coast currently residing in San Francisco. Altair Nouveau’s music, though designed with the dance floor in mind, still evokes a personal element. It is the combination of these elements that give Altair Nouveau his indistinguishable larger than life, spaced-out future disco sound sure to cause a dance floor frenzy.

Raised in the sprawling city of San Jose, California to musical parents. Mitchell grew up with the encouragement of his father, an electronic music teacher at the local community college. Brandon began educating himself by collecting albums from the likes of Giorgio Moroder, Vangelis, Ennio Morricone and John Carpenter. This gave way to newer acts such as In Flagranti, Prins Thomas, Lindstrom and several artists on DFA.

The title track "Space Fortress" marks a bold and exciting introduction into the sonic landscape of Mr. Nouveau, combining G Funk, P Funk and a 4/4 disco foundation that adds up to something otherworldly altogether. Released as a joint effort with the uber-hip DFA Records this 12″ features mixes exclusive to this release from ultra-talented Irishman John Daly who turns out a deeper take while Michel Morin’s criminally underrated nom-de-plume Sneak-Thief takes it deeper into spacey disco-funk territory.

Space Fortress is available on vinyl and digital download on Solardisco and DFA now.

Altair Nouveau - Space Fortress (John Daly Mix) by solardisco

Richard Sen

Richard Sen(Padded Cell)comes to play at one of the great Slowblow party,s in Maria Laveau Stockholm Sweden on September 5th. These clubnights are always amazing with great guests and a nice crowd to set the party atmosphere off.

Previous guests at these nights have included Maelstrom(Eskimo/Solardisco),Phoreski(Eskimo/Specialist Interest),Soft Rocks(Soft Rocks Rec/Blackdisco),Horse Meat Disco(Strut),The Juan Maclean(DFA),and Leo Zero(Mountain Of One).

Graffiti artist Richard Sen has been DJing since 1989 starting with a residency at the legendary Crazy Club at the now deceased Astoria. Ecstacy, Acid House and frequent trips to New York, visiting his heroes at Nu Groove and Strictly Rhythm gave Richard the house music bug. He is known for his production outfits Padded Cell and Bronx Dogs.

Highlights of his career include: Heavenly Social residency 1998-2000, ‘DJ of the Month’ FACE 1998, being nominated for ‘Best New DJ’ MUZIK AWARDS 1998. He was also a key influence on the 80’s underground graffiti movement in the UK (and also one of the first to be sent to prison for graffiti!) and appeared in the BBC television documentary Open Space ‘Bad Meaning Good’ in 1987. His artwork has also graced the record covers of Sabres of Paradise (‘Smokebelch’ and ‘Theme’). A full interview on his graffiti and music work can be seen in the June 2005 issue of Undercover magazine.

Richard now records with partner Neil Beatnik under the name Padded Cell, they are signed to DC Recordings and released an album in May 2008. Sen has also done his own solo remixes for Cosmo Vitteli, Tirk and Black Devil Disco Club

In keeping with the attitude from his graffiti background, Richard’s DJ style is totally unique and it’s important for him not to be pigeonholed. He has played big room house/techno sets and can also play crazy eclectic sets including psyched out rock, leftfield cosmic funk and disco, newave/electro oddities and early house obscurities.