Wednesday, 28 October 2009


The timeless "Galaxy" by Xenon will turn every sweaty dancefloor into a disco spaceship. Slow and seductive beats, spacy synthlines backed up by a driving bassline and cosmic guitars. Recently re-released by Radius Records who manage to deliver this great record, one of the most spaced out classic Italo disco tunes out there. The newer version comes with two Idjut Boys edits, giving the original a most sexy spin, with plenty of dubby delays and smoked out effects.

This space disco classic from 1983 is now once again within reach of Italo afficionados. Having made it onto such great mixes as "Telespazio Vol.1" by Fabrizio Mammarella this is definitely a must-have in any disco collection. Enjoy the music. Click On Right Hand Arrow To Download...

Xenon - Galaxy by piece together music

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