Monday, 26 October 2009


Pleasure were one of the greatest groups of the west coast scene of the 70s and a key force in defining the Fantasy Records groove of the time. Pleasure have a sound that’s head and shoulders above most of their contemporaries especially groups on major labels who tried for this sort of sound, but never made it come off that well, usually too smooth or too commercial.

The mighty Wayne Henderson is a key factor in their sound as he produced some of the best tracks with that well-balanced groove he brought to his best work under the At-Home Productions umbrella. The track "Joyous" comes from their third studio album released on Fantasy records in 1977,which see's the band go full tilt,with great grooves and an amazing horn section. The track here is a Dj Harvey edit which stays pretty true to the original format.
Enjoy. Click On Right Hand Arrow To Download....

Pleasure - Joyous (DJ Harvey Re-Edit) by Piece Together

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