Thursday, 1 October 2009

Enzo Ponzio

The Sicilian artist Enzo Ponzio, started his career as a DJ in 1991. He worked for several years in parties and clubs in Sicily and then decided to move to Milan, where he soon started working as a composer and sessionman in productions of other artists. He published,with the label ‘Scenario Music’, his first solo album with the title ‘"Sopra la Soglia"’ creating thus a new project, ‘Ganesh’, founded by him. In the meantime he started collaborating with artists having a dance background and, above all, he started playing his dj sets. He became a resident Dj in several important lounge clubs in Milan, including among others ‘Roialto’. He produced several singles for ‘Scenario music’ and covered a lot of distance along the way. His sound is firmly based in electronic music,taking in Italo,cosmic disco and some spaced out electronica.

Enzo has had the support from artists such as Lindstrom,Prins Thomas,Aeroplane,Xaver Naudascher and Diskjokke to name but a few,and also great support from labels such as Eskimo Recordings,Internasjonal and Bear Funk. With most of his new releases on Pizzico Records and great tracks such as "Electroboogie","Go On!" and "Italian Boy" this is one great producer worth checking out. Enjoy the music. Click On Right Hand Arrow To Download...

Enzo Ponzio - Dj Set by Piece together blogspot

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