Monday, 10 August 2009


Almost 30 years after the release of their first album 'Disco Alliance', the music of soviet electronic-disco group Zodiac still maintains its unique sound. Standing the test of time, Zodiac's music has been held dear to the hearts of many disc jockeys, collectors and electronic enthusiasts. One of the standout tracks 'Pacific' which truly defined their atmospheric, synthesizer disco sound, will now be available on 12" single by the label Mellophonia. to honour its re-release, the song will be accompanied by two outstanding remixes by Ilya Santana and Pete Herbert. Ilya's version emphasizes the synth melodies with a modern, crowd friendly mix that still remains true to the original. Pete Herbert's takes his mix in a different direction with a very nice old school house version complete with piano and grooving bassline. both remixes really bring together the melodic disco and electronic sounds of both eras making this record a must have for both djs and fans of electronic, cosmic and nu-disco music.

This Is The Ilya Santana Version,Click On Right Hand Arrow To Download...

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