Thursday, 20 August 2009

Optimo - Alter Ego(Live)

Alter Ego are Roman Fluegel and Joem Elling Wuttke who came together as a production team in the late 1980s.In 1993 they joined together with the Djs Ata and Heiko MSO and established three labels-Ongaku,Klang Electronik and Playhouse.

In recent years they have released a series of Albums and 12"that have transformed the sound of contemporary dance.Their 2004 release"Rocker"was a tremendous cross genre success and is a seminal moment in contemporary techno.Their subsequent releases including,"Beat The Bush","Transphormer","Why Not And Gary",have cemented their reputation as leaderes in contemporary dance music,drawing remixes from Johannes Heil,Joakim,Tiga,Carl Craig as well as being championed by everyone from Erol Alkan to Soulwax.

Alter Ego play Optimo On Sunday 30th August At The Subclub.

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