Saturday, 15 August 2009

Work That Body

Rodney Hunter's musical career spans 20 years starting off as an underage bassist of the Austrian band "Mordbuben AG", later on becoming a member of the legendary The Moreau,s along side Peter Kruder, DJ DSL and Sugar B, leading him to launching his own label and production company Uptight.

The track "Work That Body" is a deep ride, with funky bass licks, chunky percussive breaks, deep vocal samples and funked up horn arrangements laced throughout the track.On work that body, Rodney has taken the rare disco soul of “you got the stuff” by Bill Withers which was also used by Dj Harvey and Gerry Rooney on the Black Cock Records track "Shine On"and spliced it up to create this jackin’ monster.Click On Right Hand Arrow To Download...

Rodney Hunter - Work That Body by piece together music

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