Thursday, 20 August 2009

Sarcastic Disco

HARVEY is a well-respected DJ who is known for his associations with major clubs in the UK such as Ministry of Sound and Fabric, but he is probably better known as being one of the last truly eclectic DJs on the dance music scene. Harvey stays true to the roots of the music traditions established by such foundation clubs as the Paradise Garage or the Loft (or at least the legends of those clubs), in that he seamlessly spins a broad range of new/old sounds and styles geared towards one thing – getting the crowd to move.

Perpetually ahead of the curve, he has no problem playing records side by side that most would never think to put together. Beach Boys, 70s soul & disco, techno, James Brown, chicago house, Kraftwerk, hip-hop, Steve Miller Band, and more. His main technique is that whatever works gets thrown into the mix.

When Harvey DJ’ed in LA for the first time, he amazed everyone with his track selection and mixing style. He brought a new sound that changed peoples perception of what dance music and DJing could and should be. Every time you see him DJ, it’s a new sound and new experience. Just when you think you know what he’s going to play next, he comes out with something fresh and new that is distinctly Harvey.

It seems that Harvey’s approach is that he’s actually there as a host of the music and the party, not just as a faceless DJ in the booth hidden away from the crowd. Exactly the opposite, he always has a smile on his face and knows how to have fun. He’s not just merely playing records, he feels the music and gets into it. It’s like he has one foot on the dancefloor and is actually involved with the crowd and taking part in the experience.

Harvey has inspired us not only with the music he plays, but also passing on his knowledge of the music, as well as sharing with us his study master techniques of the dance music culture.

The next party is in Detroit at 227 Iron St,Suite 102.on August 22nd. The event goes from 11pm to 7am. Sound by Sound Factory.

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