Thursday, 13 May 2010

Digital Deviance

Disco Deviance is all about keeping quality groove based music alive. Their definitition of 'disco' is very wide and inclusive in the tradition of open minded DJ pioneers like Larry Levan, David Mancuso, Nicky Siano and Tee Scott. Some call it 'Balearic'. But musically speaking, they don't care if it's disco, funk, electrofunk, electro, Italo, post-punk, cosmic, afro, house or whatever as long as it's got the funk and makes people want to dance and party. They seek out the very best tracks, editors and DJs to put Their music together. They want it to be essential. The Disco Deviance idea came about in 2004 when Dicky Trisco first met legendary electrofunk DJ Greg Wilson. A shared love of disco and electrofunk lead to a decision to hold one off events together to showcase the sounds they loved. Things grew from there ultimately leading to an imprint dedicated to keeping the vibe alive.

Out next week comes the first Disco Deviance CD "Digital Deviance Vol. 1". It's a beautifully crafted vinyl look package and features edits from the first five vinyl releases plus exclusive bonus cuts from Fat Camp, Eddie Tour, Pete Herbert and Greg Wilson's great edit "CHA".

All ten tracks on the compilation are great "must have" disco gems, definitely one to keep your eyes and ears out for....