Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Maxi Discs

Set up by Pete Herbert (Reverso 68/LSB) and Dicky Trisco (Boogie Corporation/Disco Deviance/Deep Freeze), brand new imprint Maxi Discs is all about a journey into Tropical House Music. A journey to capture a sound they both love to play in their sets while DJing which perfectly combines their taste for disco (new and old) with a passion for proper House music that can really work the dancefloor.

The first release on the label by amazing Norweigan producer Marius called "Disco Drummer" has been a massive success and has gone a long way to defining the musical direction of the imprint. Part disco, part deep house and part Afro it’s music that works the body and the soul, and which is both deep and dynamite on the dancefloor. New track "Yo Drums" is all about Pete getting back home after a long night spent driving the crowd wild and then switching on the laptop and the synths and trying to recapture the essence of that feeling in a track. And just like one of his DJ sets "Yo Drums" mixes elements of house, Italo and disco into a heady potion of dance floor dynamite.

DJ support has came from across the board with Ashley Beedle, Faze Action, Aeroplane, Bill Brewster, Harri, Horse Meat Disco, the Unabombers, Mark E, The Revenge and many, many more playing and praising the Maxi Sound.

With a string of top quality releases to come and LP projects already being planned it looks like there’s exciting times ahead for Maxi Discs. This is the Maxi-Mix from Pete Herbert and Dicky Trisco. Enjoy.Click On Right Hand Arrow To Download...

Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco - Maxi Discs Mix by piecetogethermusic

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