Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Faze Action

Faze Action have been pivotal in directing the modern disco sound since day dot. With their new album "Stratus Energy" they really show how it,s done. Chimes,grooves,balearica,psych,fine fusions of sound across the disco spectrum can be found here. It’s impossible to underestimate Faze Action’s role in bringing about the richness and breadth to electronic music that we now take for granted. In 2009, disco is a recognized part of contemporary dance music’s fabric, but it wasn’t always so.

Back in the mid-nineties, brothers Robin and Simon Lee released a string of essential 12”s on Nuphonic under the name Faze Action. These intricate but immediate tracks opened up whole new pathways and possibilities for club music; merging an organic, low-slung disco sensibility with heady grooves and instrumentation borrowed from funk, Latin and African traditions, all delivered with the punch and precision of cutting edge house and techno. Last year, ‘In The Trees’ was re-issued upon its 10th anniversary with stunning remixes by Carl Craig and Jerome Sydenham, affirming its classic status but also marking the beginning of a new chapter in the story of Faze Action. Since then, the Lee's have been busier than ever, consolidating their disco roots with 6 fresh 12”s on their own FAR label and remixing the likes of Johnny Hammond, Metronomy and Da lata.With their new album Stratus Energy out now,Faze Action will be taking their Disco sound Live and Djing . It’s not just the many old converts who are taking notice; a contemporary audience with a real hunger and enthusiasm for Faze Action’s incendiary brand of Disco and Balearica is on board and open-eared.

This Is Faze Action,s La Boum Deluxe Mix. Enjoy.Click On Right Hand Arrow To Download...

Faze Action - La Boum Deluxe Mix by piecetogethermusic

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