Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Solid Gold Safari

SOLID GOLD SAFARI is a party which runs all day, every Saturday from 3pm in The HALT BAR, Glasgow. It has rapidly carved itself a niche in Glasgow's clubland as it is the only , all day, free party in Glasgow on a Saturday. The resident DJs are DJ DRIBBLER and THE EARL ( CHEF de PARTY)

The SOLID GOLD SAFARI concept was brought back from New York by party founder DJ DRIBBLER who started the SOLID GOLD parties in STINGY LULU'S on St Mark's Place between 1st and Ave A every Sunday after Body and Soul. STINGY LULU's was closed amongst the dust and rubble on September 11th 2001 and with it SOLID GOLD SUNDAYS.

When he returned to Glasgow in 2009 , DJ DRIBBLER realised that everything revolved around competing with other clubs on a Friday/Saturday night and that Sundays were sewn up, as was the culture in Glasgow at the time. The attitudes of door staff and club management was so different to that which he had experienced for the previous 10 years in New York that Solid Gold Safari was reborn with a mind to give the music back to the people for free and to also encourage people to bring their kids and be able to get back home for midnight if they so wished.

DJ DRIBBLER and promotions expert CHEF De PARTY teamed up and approached the scene with a whole new ethic. Why should going out entail spending exorbitant amounts of money ? (Especially spending money only to be shouted at, searched and treated like a criminal.) It was important to take the message back to the underground and encourage individual thought and input. It seemed like Glasgow, for all it's wealth of talent and amazing people had missed the boat when it came to creativity and there were hours wasted every weekend because people had become conditioned to going out at the same time and to the same places. The two went about amassing the best DJs that Scotland has to offer and explaining the ethos to them. The DJs responded favourably and the result is that there is now no better place to hear the realest underground dance music all day for free, in Scotland.

The music policy at SOLID GOLD SAFARI is tight, they play underground dance music. The vibe is egalitarian in that anyone can DJ as long as they know that if they suck…. they're off. This policy has seen the best of Scotland's talent and many internationally renowned DJs gracing the tables in THE HALT BAR. With punters travelling from Edinburgh, Stirling and across the central belt of Scotland every week it is a combination of old school mentality and the freshest newest music that has made SOLID GOLD SAFARI the fun, sussed, in the know spot that it is. This is a party that is going from strength to strength with festival bookings, residencies in other cities and gigs around the world in the pipeline for 2011.

If you haven't been yet then don't worry, the vibe is the same and shows no signs of changing. The Halt Bar and Solid Gold Safari simply put on the best DJs there are in Glasgow and match them with affordable drinks prices from a clued up bar staff and the uniquely affordable entry price ….. FREE !!!!!

It runs every Saturday from 3pm till midnight and there simply is no better place to hear quality music in a cracking atmosphere. Dancing is actively encouraged and for many the prospect of going to a club after the Safari would only mean a let down. Solid Gold Safari actively supports every other club and cultural music event in Glasgow and they nurture and promote the old school attitudes and attributes that made Glasgow the house music world centre that it is.

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