Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Mark E

As the snow flies we have a great new mix from Mark E (Jisco/MERC) from the Warm HQ to heat you up! The term "re-edit" implies distance. To edit is to look upon from above, move parts around, exercise judgment over an object to give it shape—to play God. Add a "re-" and double the expanse. Mark E's music emits nothing like this. Its remit is to get as far inside the grooves he's working with as possible, so deep that he knows them better than the people who made them did, in order to isolate everything ripe and distend it forever. And he puts you so close up that you can see the veins. Mark's edits blossom, draw the ear closer, suspend time; they overwhelm you with their sheer patient grandeur. They're gilded memories of the records Mark E is working with, playing like the highlight reels of his mind.

This mix comes in preparation for his appearance at the Warm NYE party at The CAMP with Phonica Records in London alongside Mathew Jonson (Live), Ame (Live), Move D, Gerd Janson and the Phonica / Warm Residents. A great New Year not to be missed. Enjoy the mix.....

Mark E Mix November 2010 by warmhq

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