Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Space Ranger

Space Ranger come from the stars. The trio based in Stuttgart have a wide experience and an unlimited love for music. In their previous disguises they have done remixes for the likes of Kool & The Gang, Sugababes and Kurtis Blow, but now they are absolutely focused on this new project. Space is the place. The three members their DJ careers in late 80s / early 90s and they are strongly influenced by the deep club sound of those days. Combining sophisticated production skills, a huge range of analogue equipment and a long-term experience of what works on dance floors around the world they know how to move the crowds. By accessing to samples taken from a huge collection of old-school dance, disco and soul records they are creating the distinctive and sophisticated house and disco sound of today.

After the success of the "Star Wash EP" the trio present two new boogie banger's from their voyage to the stars in order to make the wait for their debut album (due out in October 2010) a lot more bearable. Cosmic disco galore, with Madrid-based producer Rayko slowing the title track "Superstring" down a tad more and making it even more psychedelic than it already is, and Italian legends Ajello using their stardust on "Shave Me, I'm Famous" for extra space spice. Both releases come courtesy of the brilliant new Lovemonk Records from Spain. Essential listening....

Superstring 128Kbit by Space Ranger

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