Friday, 20 August 2010


Some stunning new releases over the last few months from Spain's great producer Rayko. The man has been working hard, and has seen releases on some of the best labels out there such as Eskimo Recordings, Rare Wiri, Top Shelf, Is It Balearic?, Love monk, Kodak Giant Sounds and Relux Rimini. His remixes, edits and original productions take on an amazing sound of there own. With top spec tweaks and production, staying very close to a warm analogue type sound, these are a pleasure to the listener.

He has lent his hand to some great remixes of the last while by artists such as Space Ranger with the track "Superstring", Marbeya Sounds " Non Reciprocal", Beatfanatic's "Guide" and Giulio DJ with "Inner Life". His new Release on Traveller records "Disco Mutante" see's him deliver another another electronic balearic bomb, with a remix from Ilya Santana on the B side. Definitely one to keep your eyes and ears looking out for....

Rayko - "Disco Mutante" by Traveller Records

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