Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Burnt Island Casuals

Never heard of 'em... Well, you will soon, cos it's actually a new disguise for Harri & The Revenge. Blimey, do these people never leave the studio? What's bad for their Vitamin D levels is great for our record collections, because the pair have come up with an absolute belter here for the great Under The Shade label.

"Scotch Hop" is a typically groovin' boogie-house number, using a sample from Larry Levan's mix of "Hopscotch" by Gwen Guthrie. "Truth & Temptation" takes The Temptations great Norman Whitfield produced uplifting psyche-soul bomb "Ungena Za Ulimwengu" ("Unite the World") and fixes it to a driving disco-house rhythm creating an absolute monster. With The Revenge on an absolute roll right now, you know this is gonna be huge!. A great addition to your record collection....

Burnt Island Casuals : Truth & Temptation by The Revenge

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