Thursday, 4 March 2010

DC Reworks

Pyramid Disco return with number two in the DC Reworks series features a top class edit match up between those tricksters of cut up and pastedness The Popular People’s Front and northern electro-funkateers BC (Disco Deviance / Redux). The mysterious collective known only as The Popular People’s Front is responsible for numerous high quality DJ cut ups and reworks covering funk, hip hop, disco and house. Top notch DJ tools are the name of their game. And on this release they rework DC La Rue’s "Indiscreet" track (highly influential on the US hip hop scene back in the day) and push it into disco hyperspace. Guaranteed dancefloor joy!

Meanwhile on the flip, electro-funk disciples BC (the people behind big cuts like "Konked Out" on Redux and "NY Jump" / "Magnificent Disco" on Disco Deviance) put the blade to yet another DC classic. This time it is the epic "Overture" that gets transformed into a more bass heavy groove that oozes the funk and works the body. More top tributes to the disco legend that is DC La Rue.

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