Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Padded Cell Live

The Kat is back...and delighted to announce Padded Cell (Live) as Her latest special guest ... Padded Cell (DC Recordings & Mixed Blood) are Richard Sen and Neil Beatnik.

Having won notoriety as Bronx Dog (Heavenly) and Dirty Beatnik (Wall of Sound) respectively, Padded Cell came about in 2002, partly as a response to the conservatism of early millennium dance music, but also to act as a conduit through which they could conduct and realize their most outlandish ideas...

A shared history as club Djs and producers means that even the most mind-bending elements of their sound are conducted through dance floor focused channels; disco breaks and rolling percussion combining with menacing synth work outs, electro sensibilities and live instrumentation to create an unholy brew that tastes of everyone from Ron Hardy and Arthur Russell to Bush Tetras and the Velvet Underground...No surprise that their sound has been described as ‘dark-disco’ and ‘goth-disco-rock’...

Recent output has seen them remixing sections of Lcd Soundsystem's '45.33' to great acclaim as well as a succession of quality 12" cuts, including 'Signal Failure' (as featured in GTA IV) and "Far Beneath London"

Bosco and Craig Moog (Solardisco) round out the lineup to ensure a night definitely not to be missed...

Doors 11-3, £10 Saturday 27th Febuary at The Universal (Sauchiehall Lane) Glasgow.

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