Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The Heels Of Love

Great new release from The Heels Of Love, their new track "Quiet Please" hits all the right notes. Producers and Dj's Michele Tessadri (Fratelli Riviera/Bearfunk) and Luca 'Sapo' Saponaro (member of The Love Supreme project on Tirk) have delivered another great slice of electronic disco. The outfit is made up from both producers penchant for slap bass, synths, drum machines and a good understanding of the sound their working with.

Having released singles under various guises, The Heels Of Love became the third outing from the great Under The Shade record label. Their Ep title track "Tom Sinder" kicked things off as a simple percussive house cut, but then an elastic banding bassline transformed it into something more disco, with the other tracks in the EP following suit, containing great production and grooves nicely built for the dancefloor. Released on cool new imprint Mad On The Moon, the new track "Quiet Please" see's them maintain this great standard, shifting it up another gear again. With mixes by such great artist as Fabrizio Mammarela (Bear Funk) and Ajello (Maxidiscs) this record deserves to be seeked out. Enjoy the music....

The Heels Of Love - Quiet Please (Ajello Remix) by ajello

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